Saturday, July 11, 2009

UK gains/loses immensea in 1 day

Hey folks, as i said in my last post we had to evac immensea, 2 days later i heard that we were going to join UK [ushra'khan] and heading BACK to immensea, So when we joined i Jumpcloned back down there. After ratting for most of a day and reading corp and alliance as we took Immensea for our own i logged off for a few hours. When i got back on i was telling my m8 over the phone about the sweet situation, the next thing he heard was "WTF" in corpmail it said "we are leaving UK/Immensea tonight" after this i made it back to empire without getting killed, although many corp members died. so what is next? i dont know and if i did i wouldent say till later, i only post news that is available to the public because i'm not a spy.

Cheers folks, i'l try to do a real "article" as soon as I get a chance.

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