Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Misleading Game

I've decided to post every other day, but I am not going to count the intro as it has no real info in it [though I doubt that much of this blog will]. Each post will try to have an opinion on somthing currently going on in eve, E.G Nerfs, updates and news that I care about. and a story from my oh so interesting Eve Career.

So....Let it begin.

Wormhole Space and T3, I like You have been hearing alot of stories from WH space, of Sleepers and T3 datacores and the like. So many people are frothing at the mouth to get a shiney new T3 ship and take it out to blow up some nubs. whenever I hear of WH space the one thing that keeps popping into my head is "WH space sounds cool and looks cool [from what i've seen in vids I havent bothered to go there] but what really is there to get there?" T3! i hear everyone yell "T3 is the future of EVE..."etc. but when i look on the market for say a Legion Ammarian T3 strategic cruiser i see....

550 MIL? for a cruiser? I bet As soon as Someone got it they would fix it out with hundreds of mil in Components and mods and take it right out to lowsec to fight a gatecamp.

My point being, at the moment these things are FAR too expensive to Get and not exactly an easy to replace ship, to be honest if I was in the opposing gang i would almost certainly fire at the T3 ship just for the pretentiousness of the pilot confident enough that his half a bil investment can survive the jealosy and ire of the opposing force. who would really want to risk that much money for little more than a more effective cruiser , I have to say a nice caracal or stabber would be much more cost effective.

T3 would be Nice if it was cheaper, and had more variety, T3 frigs for example [although i would LOL at a 200 mil frigate] so for the moment T3 is pretty much useless other than for people with an inferiority complex. as of one of the last patch's CCP has made getting T3 datacores easyier to reduce the cost of T3 but I doubt many of us will be able to fly them on a whim for quite a while.

Now a story from my first week in Eve.
When I first saw Eve I saw all the awesome screenshots of huge nebula's and these things that looked like tornados in space, after seeing these I decided "I have to see them" and after i got into game i asked all around about "where are the space tornados?" and no one told me anything, but then while looking around the star map and enjoying the 3D aspect of it I saw somthing called "Ginnugagap"
After seeing that cool picture of the black hole I decided iI needed to take a road trip to see it in all its glory, so I set off from one of the caldari newb systems [I forgot which it was so long ago] and took a 30 somthing jump journey there, at that point I dident know about lowsec so when I set autopilot to fastest I thought I would be fine, suprisingly enough I made it there without a hitch. and when I was in the system closest to it, I looked off into the void and saw.....NOTHING there wasent a massive black hole, just normal background space. I was so angry I almost sent in a patition complaining about this to CCP. but from what I had seen of Eve so far I liked so I went back to the newb system the fast way, suicide. seeing as my clone was in the newb systemI used self destruct and went back to mining.

Well if you made it this far I bet your hungry for more. If so subscribe or come back here for more of my genius. shoot me a mail ingame to andoni cane or Dumpster Duke if you have questions/comments or want to give me your isk!

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