Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eves Glorious Future Revealed [For 10 mil!]

Hey folks A big happy 4th o' July for my fellow US Americans and a big how do you do to everyone else. This post i'm going to be talking about Ambulation and its possible impact upon Eve, How I would get kicked out of Fanfest [If I went] and the Truth about russian macro mining conglomerates.

We have all been waiting for an offical announcement about Ambulation but i've heard rumors about this year being the one. Most of us who are interested in it has probably seen This video, I am not sure what you will be able to do while in station use the market, meeting other players etc, but I DO know what will come out shortly after the release of Ambulation.......Nude Mods. Any of us who have played another MMO know about these, they are out for all the major MMO's and most of the minor ones, there hasent really been a reason to do it in eve because there really wouldent be much point to it since you wouldent be able to see much. but i'm sure that after a couple of weeks there would be a download sitting around that makes it so in-station avatars are nude. i can see it now, Female characters saying things like "see me for 10 mil" etc. knowing the dog-eat dog nature of eve and the possiblity of pvp on stations i wouldent doubt that these lonely johns would end up with a knife in the belly and their wallet's taken. but not having an offical announcement this is all pretty much my imagination. Hopefully we will see it announced at this years Fanfest.

Now speaking of Fanfest what would I do there if I had the money to go this year? From what i have seen on the Fanfest Site most the partygoers will be swimming in the cheap beer, trying to hit on Eve Girls who turn out to be cardboard cutouts of female eve characters. since i'm underage i wonder what they have to drink for those of us between 18 and 20. Soda? most likley if all they had to drink was beer i doubt the CCP devs would be able to do their presentations they would be so drunk.

If i was there i would of course drink beer, i'm underage but i doubt anyone would ask when i bought beer, either that or some friendly Goons would buy me some. At Fanfest they are supposed to have a silent auction, selling rare eve items etc, from my perusal of the pictures of this I looked with wonder upon the "lifetime eve subscription" card, if i had a large amount of money i would certainly put it towards that rare goodie. Also the rare Concept Art looks pretty neat.
They also talk about Visiting Iceland, to be honest it sounds cool but that isint what I would go to there for. If Fanfest was in Brooklyn. NY i would still be eager to go there.
The tourneys sound really fun, even though if i did participate i would fly a Fail-drake into a battle surely because its familiar. Talking about Fanfest is hard now that i found i cannot afford to go so i'm going to move on before i cry.
Russian Macro-Mining Conglomerates and my run in with them.
In my first few months of playing Eve i had grown to love Low-sec combat, me and my old corp hopped into T1 frigs, cruisers and BC's and went out and had a great time fighting pirates, after learning about pirates and how they operated i decided to set off on my own and ride the low-sec space lanes looking for booty. my corp was quite "do what you want" so I was free to do as i pleased.
After living down in minmatar lowsec for a few days I began pirating, one of my favorite haunts was a nice little 0.2 system with no stations and 3 JG's. My first pirating Kills started me down the path towards the Conglomerate, these ships were a retriever and a Interon V sitting at a belt mining. When i hopped into the belt in my Ferox i opened fire, destroying the retriever, pod-killing the pilot, but as i started targeting the interon it warped out and left the system, at this point in the game there was no Warp to 0 so they must have had an insta to get them out of the system, i decided to get back to a friendly system in-case any friends showed up.
The next day my best friend and mentor from my old corp met me in my 0.0 haunt, he said somthing amounting to "there are a bunch of macrominers in the system next door, they have alot of protection but we whould be able to ause them some trouble." saying this we formed up a small fleet and hopped into the system. upon entering local lit up with cryillic writing followed shortly by a "this our system leave!" of course me and my m8s decided to crash the party, we hopped into a belt destroying several unmoving mining barges, by this point we were getting chased by about 15 russians, all of whom seemed to be screaming smack at us in russian. our fleet escaped the system [though a few of us died] we made it to a safe station a couple of systems away and logged for a while.
The next day i was in my hunting spot hoping for a nice tasty miner when a gang of about 20 entered the system. I went to my safespot and waited for them to leave, but seeing who it was in local turned my blood to ice, most of them were guys from the opposing fleet the day before, upon making this realization a ship hopped into my safespot, I knew the gig was up and used an insta to warp from the safespot to the stargate leading to a friendly system. after jumping a ship sitting at the gate scrammed me, i fired at it with all of my missles but a frig is hard to hit with heavys, after this about 10 ships hopped around me and blew my poor ferox up, fortunatly i was able to warp to the station with an insta and dock. Local was filled with poor english saying things such as "u not mess with us.", "we take it easy on u" etc. shortly thereafter i figured that this area of space wasent friendly anymore so i took my leave back to hi-sec. macrominers are everyone where some are more organized than others. i bet that these guys sold their credits for real money. knowing this made me smile trading a single ferox for giving them so much trouble.
Well folks thats enough for today, stay tuned for more in a few days!

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