Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Eve blog, O NOES!

When i Began Writing this blog i thought about making a witty intro that gets the blog off to a good start, but i decided against this because if i manage to summon the massive amounts of willpower required for an entertaining blog it would go against the idea that i had in mind when i said "you know what? i'l take a shot at an Eve blog".

So what is this Blog about? you ask yourself as you hover your mouse over the address bar, getting ready to return to whence you came. The answer? Whatever i want to write about that has to do with eve-online.

Who am I? Well my Main's name is andoni cane [yes when i first joined the game i forgot to capitalize his name] and my recent alt is Dumpster Duke. I first started playing eve back in the spring of '06 after being betrayed by my old MMO of Star Wars Galaxies. Shortly thereafter my father, looking to "connect" with his wayward son [i was about 15 when i started playing and am 18 now] began playing, but I wont mention him often because his style of playing eve is abhorrent, dont worry I will bring this up in a later post.

What do I do in Eve? i'm a wannbe pvper who spends most of his time mining, and mission running in hisec, even though i belong to a top 10 0.0 alliance. so most of this blog will be pretty uninformed when i speak of most things, but i suppose if you want the best gank fittings for your badger II you would go to Battleclinic.

When i do a blog it will be in the spirit of mining veldspar because your too lazy to fit a faction specific hardener for a mission, Autopiloting to Jita even though you have been wardec'd by mercs and getting kicked from Vent for having your mic on while your taking a bathroom break.

So if the opinion of a slackoff sorta-carebear who loves pvp but doesent do it because he is too busy watching savory video's on redtube appeal's to you keep your eye on this blog because you may be entertained.

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