Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry for the inactivity

Hey, sorry for not posting much but as a great man once said "so many things so little time" because of lack of time and not many readers i'm going to be posting smaller updates and thoughts not door stopper articles until both of these change.

My main is currently in Atropos living it up in Vale of the silent, hating Guristas rats and Alliance leadership.

The biggest news is that my Alt Dumpster Duke has taken the active members of the corp he was in and founded his own corp with them because of the unsavory environs that the Ceo of the old corp had created.

I also lost about 200 mil from Ebank when they froze all the accounts, i knew somthing like this could happen so i'm not really affected that much by the loss. and since they no longer post any news or stats i'm thinking the new CEOs are grabbing all they can and running like ricdic. I do wish there was some form of court system in EVE so we can sue scammers etc.

Andoni's choice of the week: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King\


PS. tnks to CrazyKinux for putting this blog on his site!

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